Blackwell Hotel

Blackwell Hotel

Coeur d’Alene has a rich history of entrepreneurs from the East that saw the Inland Northwest as a prosperous new frontier. Lumberman, F.A. Blackwell was one of those men who made his way to Coeur d’Alene with intent on making his fortune on the vast forests Idaho’s Panhandle was known for. Upon making his fortune in 1904 he built his son, Russell Blackwell, a home as a wedding gift for him and his bride. The home's unique interior grandeur, fireplaces and baths stood as a showcase amongst many of the young newly rich lumber entrepreneurs and the Blackwell's loved to entertain in it. The Blackwells soon wanted to move to Spokane, to ‘big city life,' selling their home to Walter S. Rosenberry in 1919.

The Rosenberry’s lived in the house for 32 years making a few renovations and large additions before selling it to Dr. and Mrs. Husted. In 1966, the home was sold again, used by the State, and by 1984 was purchased by Kathleen Sims.

Mrs. Sims restored the home and opened it back up to welcome guests to stay in a traditional bed and breakfast, The Blackwell House. The bed & breakfast had a good run for 13 years before Kathleen decided it was time to sell and for the next 11 years it went through various stages of change.

In 2011, Bill Wendlandt decided to take a prime opportunity to purchase the house that many have adored and renovate it to open as a new luxury boutique hotel and event venue. Wendlandt wanted to appeal to a taste in more contemporary and modern furnishing while maintaining the house’s architectural integrity, original richness and flair. The finished hotel has been widely accepted by the community and travelers alike claiming its “elegant and inviting” environment to be a special touch Coeur d’Alene has needed. The Blackwell Boutique Hotel has seen great success in hotel accommodations and special events including weddings, non-profit events, and holiday gatherings making the history continue for years to come. In one year, the hotel has been acclaimed "Best New Wedding Venue".

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Blackwell Hotel
820 E Sherman Avenue
Coeur d Alene, ID 83814

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