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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Much goes into the perfect sip of wine. Long before the first whiff, first taste, the winemaker was making small decisions that impacted that glass in a big way. Therefore it is no wonder that the release of a wine is a cause for celebration. Months, and even years of work can be revealed with the pop of the cork and a swirl of the glass.

Join The Celebration

The first two weekends in May are a festive time for vintners in the Northwest. The wines have aged, and the flowering on the vines is just starting. For guests and tourists the warming weather makes it the perfect time to make trips to tour the vineyards and processing facilities.

This creates the perfect atmosphere to celebrate the latest vintages, and the wineries in both Spokane and Walla Walla band together to further the experience with release weekends. For the wine connoisseur a trip to the region can be bookended tasting the latest pours. The Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance’s Spring release Weekend will be held May 2-4, and the Spokane Winery Association follows suit the following weekend for Mother’s Day.

A Relaxing Interval

For those who plan to attend both weekends the intervening week provides ample opportunity to relax and enjoy all that the inland northwest has to offer. Book a night at one of the resorts to take advantage of amenities like spa services, golfing, sometime at a casino or a show. Rent a car in order to explore the small towns between your destinations at your leisure.

Whether you like to find forgotten treasures in antique shops, discover your style in tiny boutiques or marvel at the grandeur of days past in buildings featuring historic architecture you will find the perfect way to relax as you travel between the vineyards and wineries. Take your time, and enjoy the hospitality of the region by booking stays at small hotels or B&B’s in the areas you plan to go.

Learn more about the Spring Release Weekends at  http://www.wallawallawine.com/spring-release-weekend/ and http://spokanewineries.net/. Then browse the Essential Guide to find your must-visit places while you’re here.

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