A Letter From The Publishers

Chip & Trish Byrd

We were at a friend’s memorial recently, and as sad as it was to know that our friend had left this world, each of us knew we were left better off having had the gift of that friend’s presence in our lives, and how lucky we were to have had shared experiences with her.

What is the definition of an experience? Over the years, we’ve come to know that an experience is an instance of personally encountering or undergoing something, as well as the knowledge or practical wisdom gained from that experience. If we are lucky, we come away from these experiences with new understandings, perceptions, skills, hobbies, likes and maybe a few dislikes; more often we gain precious memories and mementos of our experiences. The Essential Guides offer you, our readers, a chance to find your own experiences in some of the best travel destinations in the country. Some of you are already lucky enough, like us, to call these destinations home, while others hope to do so. Still others are happy to visit and revisit the wonderful regions we love to share with you.

Featured in our publications are countless design inspirations and ideas contributed by professionals in the field. Interior designers share their singular home design inspirations. You’ll find chefs and experts in the epicurean field sharing their talents. This year you might find a pie recipe “to die for.” What materials might be used in your next art creation or purchase? Will you travel the world to find clay to make paints or inks? Who or what inspired that silk blouse, bracelet, or buckle that you just purchased? What signature cocktail will you serve at your wedding?

Being a reader of one of The Essential Guides means you’re in the know but you’re never a know-it-all. It means you know all the right destinations. It means you love the five-star everything, but the stand-up-and-eat fajita cart on the plaza is just as important along the journey. It means you love the classic, but you know that a classic can be found anywhere, and made anytime.

So let The EG help tell your own story by suggesting where to go and what to do. Who will build or design your dream home? What’s trending and what has never gone out of style and therefore should never be missed. Experience life with us The Essential Guide way.

- Warmly, Trish and Chip Byrd

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