Teca Tu

Teca Tu

Teca Tu has won the Santa Fe Reporter "Best of Santa Fe" Top Three Pet Boutiques award every year since 2004, and was the 2008 "Featured Boutique" in Pet Product News International as well as having received their Outstanding Adoption Award for 2010. Teca Tu has been serving Santa Fe's and the world's dogs, cats, and their humans since 1995. With a combined pet industry knowledge and experience of over 30 years, it is Laurie, Joanne and Mira's goal to provide the best customer service possible, while enjoying each opportunity to meet customers, their special pets, and help them with their pet needs. We are committed and passionate about working with New Mexican animal charities and see this work as our highest purpose.

Laurie has 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, Mowgli and Jamaica. Mowgli is the current store mascot-our big guy is four years old and weighing in at 130 pounds. Mowgli, at least in his (and our) eyes, is a Rock Star. Kids hug him and everyone stops to pet him and tell him he's a beautiful dog. He loves the store. When he gets to the Sanbusco parking lot, he jumps out of the car and tows whomever is at the end of his leash into Sanbusco and into Teca Tu. His energy and fun loving nature are infectious. Joanne has 4 cats named Montana, Schnapps, Chama and Shiloh. Mira has a Pit Bull named Face and a cat named Tawny.

And now a word about our namesake, Teca Tu. Teca Tu was a stray picked up on the side of the road near a town called Tecolote in New Mexico by the founder of the store, Diane Burchard. Teca Tu was a mutt and she was the queen of the store for years before she passed away. In memory of Teca Tu and dogs like her, fiercely loyal and survivors, we've kept her name on the door.

And that is what we want our store to be, both the brick and mortar one and the website: A high energy, fun and animal loving place where all of us who are fiercely loyal to our pets are welcome.

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Teca Tu
165 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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