Pippin Contemporary

Through the Slot (close-up) by Aleta Pippin, 48 x 36 x 2, gold metal leaf with colored resin on panel

Pippin Contemporary, founded in 2011 by abstract painter Aleta Pippin presents an uplifting world of vibrant color as expressed in contemporary work. Exciting and Refreshing are the words spoken most often by visitors to Pippin Contemporary. These feelings are standard, hard to put one's finger on, yet a common thread weaving throughout our guests'/collectors' experience. The richly sensuous visual experience is complemented by the warm, engaging approach of our staff.

Pippin Contemporary's artists, selected for their energetic and tactile expressions, present a range of personal perspectives emerging from a passion for depth, feeling, and beauty expressed in their art. Those expressions range from vibrant original paintings to sculpture in stone, metal and glass, bronze, and kinetic. As Pippin suggests, "That passion creates an element of surprise, offering you, the viewer, a venue through which to access your emotions and transport you to inner worlds."

Pippin Contemporary represents: Painters - Elizabeth Hahn, Rebecca Haines, Cody Hooper, Aleta Pippin, Gina Rossi, Bassmi Ibrahim, Liz Barber, Jeffrey Beauchamp, Jami Tobey, Childers-West, Erik Gonzales, Digital Artist - John Charbonneau, Sculptors - Guilloume, Troy Pillow, Greg Reiche, Kevin Robb, Suzanne Wallace Mears, Nic Noblique, Rob Lorenson, and Joe Slack.

We invite you to an intimate interlude with beauty.

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Pippin Contemporary
409 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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