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On the Town: October 24, 2014
— Santa Fe & Taos

October 24, 2014


Things begin to settle down in Santa Fe this time of year after an incredibly (hyper)active summer. There are fewer shows and less people, but it offers a more intimate setting and opportunities to see things at a personal pace. We visited McLarry Fine Art on Canyon Road and David Richard Gallery in the Railyard District.

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  • Writer
    Alex Ignacio

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    Alex Ignacio

McLarry Fine Art

With a name like "Xiang Zhang" you would be forgiven for expecting Chinese or Asian art. However, what you would find at McLarry Fine Art is exceptional paintings of quintessential western scenes. Artist Xiang Zhang is originally from Beijing, China but studied at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana and now resides in Dallas, Texas. His immersion into cowboy culture inspires his artwork and in particular his large paintings are stunning to behold.
See the Vine video of the opening: http://bit.ly/1yAdliw

David Richard Gallery

Nancy Dwyer creates multimedia works that often are plays on words and visually contain multiple meanings. Her show "WHAT" at David Richard Gallery utilizes the bright open gallery space to display her thought provoking work which demand closer inspection and contemplation.
See the Vine video of the opening: http://bit.ly/1sjHVqV

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