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Exclusive Preview: Silvia Levenson "A Subject to Avoid" at David Richard Gallery
— Santa Fe & Taos

August 28, 2014


We were given exclusive access by David Richard Gallery to document the installation of "A Subject to Avoid" featuring the powerful art of Silvia Levenson. See the photos and videos we recorded over several days.

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  • Writer
    Alex Ignacio

  • Photography
    Alex Ignacio

Violence against women and girls is not an easy topic to cover in any manner, and expressing that sentiment with art can be a unique challenge. It would be far too easy to resort to shock, gore, and discomfort to overwhelm the audience and force a visceral response. Italy based artist Silvia Levenson demonstrates a sensitive touch that still evokes an emotional reaction, but does so in a sophisticated fashion.

Ms. Levenson's show "A Subject to Avoid", which opens this Friday evening at David Richard Gallery, is a study in the insidious nature of marriages and relationships.

The piece "Something to Avoid", a large 80 piece artwork comprised of kiln formed glass, depicts a traditional wedding cake with a hand grenade on top. It's a heavy message that rests on delicate pieces of glass, and one can imagine the grenade exploding and sending dangerous shards of glass/wedding cake into the air.

Along several walls, shimmering lenticular prints invite further inspection. From one angle, you see an attractive couple holding hands across a table, and from another angle one or both of the parties is looking away, either in disgust or resignation. This motif repeats with other couples sitting at different tables, and is certainly thought provoking.

David Richard Gallery is one of the few spaces in town that could properly house and display a show like this, and we highly recommend that you personally visit and see it for yourself.

"A Suject to Avoid" featuring Silvia Levenson opens Friday evening at David Richard Gallery from 5-7pm. More info: http://bit.ly/1wFXX71

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