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Exclusive Preview: Atelier Zobel and "100 Rings" at Patina Gallery
— Santa Fe & Taos

August 15, 2014


Owners Allison and Ivan Barnett of Patina Gallery gave us a sneak preview of "100 Rings" by Atelier Zobel. We spoke with Artist Peter Schmid and talked about how special this particular show is because it's also the 15th anniversary of Patina Gallery. Read more and see some of the exceptional jewelry that's on display right now.

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    Alex Ignacio

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    Alex Ignacio

Patina Gallery is located on Palace Avenue in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of the many art districts in town. It can be difficult to find the right spot for your gallery here, and we see many places brimming with potential disappear very quickly. However, Allison and Ivan Barnett, the Owners of Patina Gallery, seem to have found the perfect spot and the perfect formula for an extremely successful business. They are now celebrating 15 years in their current location, and once you spend even just a bit of time with them you can understand why Patina Gallery is so popular.

Right now they are featuring a show by Atelier Zobel, the renowned German studio, which crafts sophisticated contemporary jewelry. Artist Peter Schmid travels from Germany to Santa Fe every year as a representative of Atelier Zobel and the collection he brought is simply stunning.

On their behalf, we invite you to visit the opening this evening from 5:00pm - 7:30pm to meet Peter and spend time with Allison and Ivan. We are fairly certain you will find a gorgeous ring, bracelet, or set of earrings that you'll want to take with you!

"100 Rings" is on display through the end of the month. For more info: http://bit.ly/1pRqUGT

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